Bargain Box of End Rolls A WOODTURNERS MUST HAVE!!! As a world leader in manufacturing industrial abrasives, KLINGSPOR has ample opportunity to reduce your sanding costs by making available every possible piece of first quality, industrial sanding material whether we think it's scrap or not. We found ourselves tossing out precious pounds of edge rolls that are taken from our automated machines when the "jumbo rolls" are cut into smaller, more convenient rolls. The "trim" is perfectly good, first quality narrow roll stock typically in widths from 1/2" wide to 4" wide. These, we found, are perfect for lathe work, sanding spindles, chair legs and other turned parts. Have you ever thought that sandpaper could handle your initial stock removal while your "turning chunk" is first placed on the lathe? We tried this and it saves your tools from excessive wear and ROLLS will never bog down your lathe. For this cheap price, isn't it worth it! Also consider this deal if you find yourself constantly buying rolls to complete odd jobs around the house from plumbing to window glazing. As with our other bargain boxes, a more than generous supply is included because the rolls are longer in length and variety is a necessity to complete many different jobs. To you this means never running around the house looking for that special strip of sandpaper to either keep your lathe projects looking their best or tackling a task in the bathroom, all at a price that saves you hundreds of dollars! Do yourself a favor, buy the Bargain Box of End Rolls today! Remember, save the environment, more sandpaper put to good use is less in landfills! Med./Fine (100 Grit & Finer) Only! 20LB BARGAIN BOX OF END ROLLS BB00001 ..... $31.95 1" SR00787 $7.95 SR00786 $7.95 SR00785 $7.95 SR00784 $7.95 SR00783 $7.95 SR00782 $7.95 SR00781 $7.95 SR00780 $7.95 2" SR00887 14.95 SR00886 14.95 SR00885 14.95 SR00884 14.95 SR00883 14.95 SR00882 14.95 SR00881 14.95 SR00880 14.95 3" SR00917 21.95 SR00916 21.95 SR00915 21.95 SR00914 21.95 SR00913 21.95 SR00912 21.95 SR00911 21.95 SR00910 21.95 6" SR84759 39.95 SR84758 39.95 SR84757 39.95 SR84756 39.95 SR84755 39.95 SR84754 39.95 SR19388 39.95 SR84753 39.95 KLINGSPOR GOLD Non-Loading Egyptian Cloth Rolls A Woodturner's Dream Paper This material is taking the woodworking market by storm with its softness and smooth surface finishes. No other sandpaper on the market can match the "KLINGSPOR Gold" for sanding into severe profiles and for sanding turned parts while on the lathe. Our customers have hounded us about selling this product in roll form-so here it is! The softness of these rolls has made them almost legendary in major furniture factories where they are used to sand even the most demanding contour. Gold Rolls 10 Meters 400 Grit 320 Grit 220 Grit 180 Grit 150 Grit 120 Grit 100 Grit 80 Grit Ideal for use with our shop roll or "gold"material Wedge Tight 1" Wide WT55010 ........... $14.95 2" Wide WT55020 ........... $16.95 Both 1" & 2" WT55000 ........... $27.95 Heavyweight Paper Kling-On® Rolls We, at Klingspor's Woodworking Shop, are again one of the first to offer hook & loop sandpaper in roll form so that you can use it on any of your tools and make convenience the name of the game. Cut just the length you need for use on all of your hook & loop compatible machines. Reusing paper that's not worn out when you take it off the machine saves you time and money. Also, we're using our heavy paper roll material to make sure you get extremely long life and the same finish from one piece to the next. SIZE 400 Grit ITEM# KR20294 4-1/2" x 10 Meters $34.95 320 Grit 220 Grit 180 Grit KR20293 KR20291 KR20290 34.95 34.95 34.95 150 Grit KR20289 34.95 120 Grit KR20288 34.95 100 Grit KR20285 34.95 80 Grit 60 Grit KR20282 KR20279 35.95 37.95 Stearate Kling-On® (Hook & Loop) Rolls SIZE ITEM# 4 1/2" x 10 Meters ITEM# 3" x 10 Meters ITEM# 3" x 25 Meters 400 Grit KR48422 $20.95 KR65342 $16.95 KR54767 $32.95 320 Grit KR33320 20.95 KR52511 16.95 KR54766 32.95 220 Grit KR33220 20.95 KR66269 16.95 KR54765 32.95 This has been a requested product for some time and Klingspor's Woodworking Shop is able to offer our premium stearate material in KlingOn® (hook & loop) roll form. Many of the newest sheet sanders accept hook & loop sandpaper and this roll will give you the best price per sheet ratio. Simply cut the material to size, stick it on the sander's backing pad and you're ready to go. 180 Grit KR33180 20.95 KR47180 16.95 KR54764 32.95 150 Grit KR33150 20.95 KR52509 16.95 KR54762 32.95 120 Grit KR33120 20.95 KR52508 16.95 KR54760 32.95 100 Grit KR33100 20.95 KR66280 16.95 KR54758 32.95 80 Grit KR33080 20.95 KR47080 16.95 KR54756 32.95 Hook & Loop Rolls for Drum Sanders Many, many requests have led us to adding this product to our catalog - rolls for popular drum sanders.There seems to be nowhere else that these can be purchased and as usual, quality is the name of the game.Our rolls are made of our heaviest paper-backed aluminum oxide material with the hook & loop already affixed to the backing.No messing around with trying to do that yourself. When it comes to offering the best possible products, you know where to go - Klingspor's Woodworking Shop. Do yourself a favor and try KLINGSPOR's industrial rolls made specifically for Woodmaster® machines. ITEM# 3" x 10 Meters ITEM# 6" x 25 Meters 220 Grit KR69055 $29.95 KR38150 $71.95 180 Grit KR60607 29.95 KR38149 71.95 150 Grit KR85569 29.95 KR38148 71.95 120 Grit KR85563 29.95 KR34822 71.95 100 Grit KR59964 29.95 KR38146 71.95 80 Grit KR44932 30.95 KR38145 74.95 60 Grit KR49908 31.95 KR38143 79.95 40 Grit KR49907 33.95 KR38141 84.95 Order Online: 37
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